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Het overzicht van mijn dubbele Swatches. Te ruil! Te koop!

Kijk maar eens lekker rond. Ik heb fantastische dubbelen. Geen plaatjes want dan laadt de pagina zo traag. Laat me horen wat je kunt gebruiken. Hier staat geen rommel!

Staat en verpakking

Indien MIB (Mint In Box) vermeld is dan is het stuk in perfecte, nieuwe en ongedragen staat, in een doosje met garantiebewijs. Mint betekent nieuw en ongebruikt.

1: Swatch horloges

Ik heb de tabel niet helemaal vertaald!

Code Naam Conditie Omschrijving
GZ116A Swatch Hollywood Dream MIB Automatic conversion with XL straps
SKK106 Swatch Access MIB
SKK106 Swatch Access Unilever MIB Dutch Special
SKK106 Swatch Access DMSA MIB Dutch Special
GZ168 (2x), GZ167 Kyklos Kokkino, Kyklos Galazio MIB, Mint in standard box, Mint in standard box 0150/2004, 1173/2004, 1190/2004
GK209PACK Framed Corneille Vive le Paix Mint and unopened Rare special from the COBRA artist Corneille. Much sought after. Click for picture of the actual item. Signed and numbered print. #97/125 from 1995, bought at The Bijenkorf.
SUTZ408 HODINKEE Generation 1990 Nieuw en ongeopend Zeer gelimiteerde Sistem51 special
SKL100PACK2 Expo 98 Celebrity Signature (Adamastor) Mint (as possible) in original packaging. So hard to find! Autograph by Bruno Kernen
SUTZ407 Hodinkee Summer Edition 2020 Mint in original packaging. Like all Hodinkees, it's a marvel.
YAZ401 Automatic Whitematic Olympia Logo Mint in original packaging. Very hard to find Olympia Logo. Original white leather straps. Beautiful original Olympia Logo in the exact same colour of the rest of the dial elements.
GN170 The Lady & The Mirror by Miran Fukuda in special PAN sleeve Mint in original packaging. All Art Swatches that where sold at the "Pictura Antiquarie National" art fair in Amsterdam in 1998 got this special sleeve. Original price was probably NLG 120 and the production no more than 500 pieces. Quite hard to find special package!
GB716E Night(S)watch Mint in original packaging. Rembrandt Exhibition in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, 1991/1992. Very rare. Numbered 158/300.
YGZ103 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games Irony Victory Ceremony Series, Silver Medal Great condition, worn just a few times, comes in standard plastic box. Extremely beautiful and rare Swatch. Fully hallmarked and numbered on the back and on the buckle. Numbered 159/618. Case and buckle in 925 Sterling Silver. Leather straps.
SUBK101P Cocotte by Vivienne Westwood Like new with brand new straps (no need to worry about all the other Cocottes with their broken straps), with a box and a warranty Fantastic special ready to be worn. Also available, if you want, with XL straps, links can be added as you wish to cater for larger wrists.
GZ150LA Olympische Athleten België Nieuw in doos, correcte codes en prijssticker Van de 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games, deze Swatch is alleen weggegeven aan Olympische atleten van België. Extreem zeldzaam.
SUOZ200 Futuring By Eva & Adèle MIB Very nice art special from 2015. Fully complete with beautiful packaging. Unnumbered edition!!
SUOZ714 Amsterdam Destination: TULPEN UIT XXX MIB Compleet met sleeve.
GB112M LB113M Limelight 2 Marmorata Set in sepcial grey boxes MIB Limelight 2 Marmorata both Gents and Ladies. Both come in the rare grey boxes with papers and original price tags.
YCN4000AG Sergio Hardly used. Complete with always missing pin. Designed by Sergio García, the famous Spanish golf player.
GWS01PPACK Vivienne Westwood suitcase MIB Limited artist special of 500 pieces only. Fully complete and very very beautiful! Numbered 260/500.
GZ140PACK Xmas By Xian Lax MIB Limited artist Christmas special. Fully complete and very very beautiful! Numbered.
GZ298S Duet in Blue & Red MIB Limited artist special of 999 pieces only. Comes with special packaging with extra items. A mesmerizing Swatch!
SUOZ202S This is my collector's world MIB Swatch Club 25 years anniversary. Great gold bar packaging. Join now sticker still in place. Limited edition of just 888 pieces.
SFZ111 Skin Special Blue Lustrous Bliss MIB Superb special. The dial features 174 genuine blue sapphires. Numbered 0704/1000.
SUOZ171 Kukulakuku MIB Designed by Mika and his sister Yasmine. Great piece of tribal art, in a fantastic box.
GZ287S Kukulakuki MIB Designed by Mika and his sister Yasmine. Great piece of tribal art, in a fantastic 3D resin box. Limited edition of just 999 pieces. You cannot miss this one!
SAZ101PACKR1 Trésor Magique Platinum Automatic Special 1993 MIB Complete and perfect with all packaging and so on. Just one difference to the one that is not affordable and best not worn: The case holds no platinum. Other than that no differences and a great piece to collect and wear. Superb Automatic Swatch with grand celestial dial.
SAZ101PACKR2 Trésor Magique Platinum Automatic Special 1993 MIB Watch comes with the inner plastic box with the celestial imprint on the bottom, complete with plastic cover. Three differences to the watch that is not affordable and best not worn: 1. The case holds no platinum. 2. The case used comes from YAS404 Whitematic (2012) and features a bezel set with Swarovski crystals to even enhance the luxurious feeling of this Swatch. 3. Golden crown! Other than that no differences and a great piece to collect and wear. Superb Automatic Swatch with grand celestial dial.
GB406AUT X-Rated 1987 MIB The ultimate Swatch for Straight Edge, sXe, Malcom X. This one has an after market metal dial, no date, original wide white hands, original Swatch black automatic case and movement (no batteries required), brand new, black ribbed straps, working perfectly.
GB406REP X-Rated 1987 MIB The ultimate Swatch for Straight Edge, sXe, Malcom X. This one has an after market metal dial, no date, original wide white hands, original and correct Swatch Gents case and movement, brand new, black ribbed straps, working perfectly.
GB406REF X-Rated 1987 MIB The ultimate Swatch for Straight Edge, sXe, Malcom X. This one has an original metal dial, with date black on white, original wide white hands, original and correct Swatch Gents case and movement, brand new, black ribbed straps, working perfectly. Rebuilt by Plastic-Repair from a broken X-Rated from 1987. Ask for availability, sell out quickly.
ZAUG2 Sandwatch MIB Very rare original. Designed by Klaus Zaugg in 1992. Limited edion of 999 pieces.
SUOW701PACK Portugal Valentines 2012 MIB Special sleeve for Valentines Day 2012 in Portugal.
GB743PACK Smart Once again package MIB Special sleeve for Smart cars. Numbered edition of 150 pieces.
GL400VAR Pago Pago No Date MIB One of the most sought after variants. Coded 7161-P and 755. Dial shows to marks behind where the hand where, probably caused by radiation from the glow in the dark hands.
GB410VAR Taxi Stop Variant. MIB Dial only has the yellow components. Something truly special! Coded 9023-P and 5755. Small hairlike plastic speck on the inside of the crystal.
SKK113C Ben Sneeuwklokje MIB Gelimiteerde uitvoering van de nederlandse provider Ben. Zeldzaam!
GZ105 Bergstrüssli MIB Considered the most beautiful Christmas Special by Swatch. In a standard box.
GZ150Q 1996 New Zealand Athletes MIB Very very rare this one!
GZ114 GZ114PACK Mozart MIB From the time that Christmas Specials were a wonder! Complete with tin, no sleeve.
GN138PACK The Lake Special Package MIB Fantastic artistic package of this great Swatch inside a sushi scroll and handkerchief matching the watch with the little struggling boat against the background of Mount Fuji. From Japan, 1994, I have three of these.
SUOZS01 Swatch & Art Specials 2011 Hiroyuki Matsuura set MIB Fantastic art box with the six different Art Specials by Hiroyuki Matsuura. All are individually numbered as are the box and its plastic sleeve.
GZ122PACK GZ122 Hocus Pocus MIB One of the finest Swatch Christmas Specials. Complete with packaging and blue sleeve in great condition.
PWB151PACK PWB151 Encantador MIB Christmas 1990.
GZ215 Playa Look MIB Very lovely Art Special by Cassette Playa.
GZ216 Carry Munden MIB Art Special. 24 hours dial and movement.
GZ227 Traco De Um Arquiteto MIB Art Special. In special sleeve.
GIGER HR Giger Gold prototype "After Life" MIB Running!
KIKI MAXI Kiki Picasso Maxi MIB Head and straps. Running. Fantastically detailled dial! High quality custom vinyl quality.
NONE 1982 Gents blister As good as new Ultimately rare and original. These were used for the 1982 USA testmarket.
SVGB402 Right Track Sunset MIB Diaphane Automatic Chrono. High quality mechanical chronograph that would normally start at 600-700 Euro.
GZ150F Atlanta Silver NOC Team Swatch France MIB Very nice!
GZ150M Atlanta Silver NOC Team Swatch Greece MIB Very nice!
GZ150G Atlanta Silver NOC Team Swatch Great Britain MIB Very nice!
GZ150E Atlanta Silver NOC Team Swatch Spain MIB Very nice!
LO001 Breakdance Hardly worn and very very nice. Very rare! Designed by Schmidt-Müller after the Keith Haring poster for the World Breakdance Championships.
LS100 4 Flags A bit worn. Very rare! Was recalled after Corum threatened to go to court. Two of these.
GS101 12 Flags A bit worn. Rare Swatch.
LS101 12 Flags A bit worn and a cracked crystal. Rare Swatch.
GZ108 Folon 2 - Le Temps SU Very limited art Special by Jean-Michel Folon. Worn gently.
GZ108 Folon 2 - Le Temps MIB Very limited art Special by Jean-Michel Folon. Absolutely brand new.
GZ109 Folon 3 - Voir SU Very limited art Special by Jean-Michel Folon. Worn.
GB124 Harajuku MIB 1989
SUJK102E KiKa Racing for Charity MIB Sold out Swatch for KiKa. Please check the menu Specials from the Netherlands for all info.
SUJZ106 Corto Maltese MIB Corto Maltese is a true hero! Comes in special package.
SDZ101 C Monsta MIB The very first Scuba Special. No special package.
SDZ101 Point of View MIB Collectors Club Special 1995. Includes special package and special warranty.
GZ191 Crystal Surprise MIB Collectors Club Special. Includes special package and special warranty. This watch has NO numbers on the back!
GZ700 Looka MIB Collector's Special
GN176D Pfizer Special Package MIB Very rare and much sought after!
GZ152 Lighttree MIB Christmas Special
GM113C GM113D GM113E GM113F Roche Full Series of four MIB Very rare and much sought after!
GZ163V1 Time Tranny Recalled Variant MIB Not the boring standard edition that was issued after this but the truly rare original edition that was recalled.
SLK113 Dodecaphonic MIB Musicall by Peter Gabriel
YBZ4000 Sea Counter MIB Chronometer Irony Scuba 200 Chrono
GK237PACK Love Kit MIB Dutch Special.
SLZ103 11:00 PM MIB By Paolo Mendonca
GZ127 Roi Soleil MIB Christmas Special
YCS401 Goodyear MIB GoodYear Eagle F1 Design
YQS1002D Member .Beat MIB Ultra rare .Beat. Designed by the winner of a Club contest. Limitation: 500 pieces only!
GZS018 GZ172 GZ173 GZ174 GZ175 27th Canton Book MIB Containing all four different Canton Swatches.
YQS1003J WC Soccer / Netherlands MIB Dutch Team Swatch.
GN168 Twitch Twins MIB Dutch Pack
SCR100 Navy Berry MIB Chrono from the old days.
SCN109 Fury MIB Chrono from the old days. Real cow skin straps!
SCK102 Riding Star MIB Chrono from the old days.
SCZ101 IOC 100 MIB Chrono from the old days.
SCK104 Jelly Stag MIB, bands discoloured. Chrono from the old days.
GX106 Pompadour MIB Christmas Special
CINEMAPACK Eiga-Shi Despiste Time To Reflect MIB Cinema Set in Limited tin
SHN103 Blue Movie MIB Shell Easypay Access
GZ407 World Party MIB Christmas Special
SCN118C + SF... VNV Beveiliging 100 Years MIB Dutch Specials
GB172 Sioux MIB Dutch Special Package
SAZ105 Perfect Timing Chronometer unnumbered MIB Comes in a standard box.
SOB410F Vredestein MIB Rare Logo Swatch for Vredestein Ultrac Giugiaro Design
YQS1002 Newconomy MIB Dutch Special
GK303 Streets of Utrecht MIB Special package
GK419N Run After MIB Sydney Olympic NOC/NSF from The Netherlands
YGS103 Ocean Storm MIB Irony
GE112PU Destination MIB
GE121 Frenzied Purple MIB
GE128 Bikini Beach MIB
GE130B Candy Gloss Small MIB
GG173 Helmet MIB
GK341 Hold me MIB
GK912 Lifting MIB
GN163 Boxing MIB
GN210 Paquita's Day MIB
GP121PU Bollylove MIB
GS901 Minimouse MIB
JBM01-S Lustro Crystal Bracelet MIB
JER00-U Jonction Red Earrings MIB
JRJ00-5 Bijoux Greekagain Gold Ring MIB
JRM01-6 Siamra Ring MIB
JRR01-5 Jonction Red Ring MIB
L0101HB Beach Sensation Small MIB
LK227P Lulumuuuh MIB
LK233P Flowery MIB
LN143HB Water Queen Small MIB
PMK141S Orange Brush Small MIB
PMN112RBPU Glossy Pink Small MIB
PMN112SBPU Glossy Blue Small MIB
PMN146B Menthe a l'Eau Small MIB Pop Swatch
PMR108B Crystal Spring Small MIB Pop Swatch
PWK182 Lonely Island MIB
SCZ103 Unlimited MIB
SDS901 Diving Risk MIB
SFK433P ? ? MIB
SFW103AGP Pearl Drop Large No straps! MIB
SFB125GPU Line Dots MIB
SFN112G Loving Chain MIB
SFG100 Green Jelly Skin MIB
SFK192 Acquarella MIB
SFB123 Breathless MIB
SFK191 Crystal Night MIB
SFK169G Simplissima MIB
SFK182GPU Time Clip MIB
SIK107 Mintyway MIB
SIK108 Straight Lime MIB
SIK109 Space Cherry MIB
SIK110 Green Petal MIB
SIK111 Blueberry Jam MIB
SIK113 Cyber Zone MIB
SKF197G Icy Shine MIB
STAB102 Trumpet King MIB
STGB100 Ask Your Swatch MIB
SUDK102 Squeezed Pumpkins MIB
SUDK103 Ocean Ripple MIB
SUDK104 Vida Loca MIB
SUGB102 Dolphin Whistle MIB
SUYB104 Sundrop MIB
SUYB104G Sundrop metal straps MIB RRR not listed anywhere!
SUYB107 Redrum MIB
SUYB108 Panic Button MIB
SUYB109 Lime Spirit MIB
SVCK4007 Shaq 34 MIB
SVCK4014 Twelve On Fire MIB
SVDK1005 Mechanic Motion MIB
SVDK1006PU Virtuosity MIB
YCS4023 Arancione Di Sera MIB
YCS4026 Red Batch MIB
YFS4006 Transphere MIB
YGS724G Cool Days Light Blue MIB
YLS4013 Baggy MIB
YMS1003AG Hypnotic MIB
YMS109G Chouette Noire MIB
YNS407 Dark Emir MIB
YSG108BP Mignardise Royale Small MIB
YSS1006 Filamente Multicolore MIB
YSS156 Turquoise Glimmer MIB
YSS168G Antocchi MIB

2: Andere Swatch spulletjes

Conditie Omschrijving
Mint Three Swatch pins by Folon. Designed after the Swatch art specials by this great Belgian artist.
Mint 1982 USA test market Gents blister package.
Mint Fantastic collectors book filled with unique original strips of Swatch dials, straight from the factory!
Mint Corto Maltese official leaflet
Mint Swatch Timezone Loops
Mint Swatch Parachute 'n Ski Telephone card
Mint Transparent Swatch pen in different colours
Mint Jerome the Gnome himself
Mint Jerome the Gnome Pin
Mint Here we have one of those really rare plastic packages used in the early eighties. Please note the registered trademark sign is above the "h", not behind it!