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Swatch watches

Just how long have you known them, those Swatch watches?

These ever changing Swiss watches have been around from since about 1983. They seem more popluar now then ever. I bought my first one in 1987 and a few years after that I started collecting them. Now that is my biggest hobby and I put a lot of effort into it. And even though I have some nice doubles on my Swatch Shop page I am not a dealer, just a real serious collector. I don't collect them all, too many of them are issued each year! So my main interest are Swatches from The Netherlands, limited edition Specials, Production Display boxes and Atlanta Olympics Swatches. If you have a further look on this page you can get into some of these subjects in more detail. All extra information about them is welcome of course! I am sure you will enjoy it. Happy Swatching!

Swatch Clopedia catalogue

Check out my role in the Swatch Clopedia catalogue!

Exchange / swap / for sale

I have a lot of great double Swatches. A great chance for you to swap with me. If you do not have something for me I am willing to sell as well. Do check my Double Swatches!

Specials from The Netherlands

Would you like to know all about the special Swatches from the Netherlands? Well, just visit the page I dedicated to the subject and you will learn all about them. Have a look by clicking here.

Swatch Production Phase Boxes

In my collection I have several Swatch Production Stage Display Boxes (a thing with many different names and possible shapes as you will find out). I dedicated a whole page to it in order to find out about it as much as possible. Maybe you can help me! Or maybe you are just interested or in the mood for a nice Swatch picture. Have a look by clicking here.

My wantlist(Engels)

At the moment I am especially looking for these Swatches:

Indeed everything really special that I may not even know of!

All these Swatches should of course be in mint condition and in original packaging materials. If you want to trade with me please note I only collect Swatches which meet these same conditions. Only the rarest of pieces may be worn.

Pioneer Member

I am a Swatch Club International Pioneer Member!

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions I get asked a lot and the answers I give to them:

Q: Where do I get news about Swatches?
A: The very best newssite at this moment is Stay Tuned To Swatch by Andreas Wiethoff.
A: Also check Always Surprising by Michael Wägele.
A: The ultimate forum is the Swatch Clopedia Forum.

Q: What do I do when the battery runs out?
A: The latest news on this subject is that if you want a Swatch to survive the ages it is best to remove the battery.

Q: Where can I buy cheap and good Swatch batteries on the Internet?
A: The best place is SwatchBattery.

Q: Where can I buy cheap and good Swatch straps on the Internet?
A: The best place is Squiggly, their collection of straps and Swatches is extensive. Some straps are impossible to find though, like this Rotor strap (most beautiful strap made by Swatch in my opinion)

Rotor strap

Q: Where can I buy other fantastic brands on the Internet?
A: My favorite place is Masters In Time.

Q: Will you buy my Swatch?
A: If I need it, if it is truly mint and if the price is right, yes I surely will.

Q: Can you find a Swatch for me?
A: Yes, if you know what you want, if you know what you want to pay for it, I can get any Swatch you want.

Q: Where can I buy Swatches on the Internet?
A: My favorite place is eBay.

Q: Can you repair my Swatch?
A: Surf to Plastic-Repair, they are specialized in repairs.

Q: Where can I sell Swatches on the Internet?
A: My favorite place is eBay.

Q: Can you give me a valuation for my Swatches?
A: I can but it may be better for you to go to Squiggly and order your copy of the Swatch-Clopedia catalog.